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About Us

Since 1967, Dependon Collection Service, Inc. has provided the unmatched quality collection services. Our reputation for professionalism and superior performance mean more money for you, the client. We believe a full service collection agency should bring four qualities to a relationship with your business and we do so at a reasonable price.


From the day we opened our doors, our motto has been "Professionals Deserve Professionals". This hasn’t changed. All of our people are trained and versed in dealing with every account professionally. It is our philosophy that collections can be extremely effective and still humane. Every customer of yours is a customer of ours. Dependon resolves the delinquent account while maintaining your valuable reputation. Dependon Collection Service is a long time affiliate of the American Collectors Association, Illinois Collectors Association, Rotary International, and many other organizations. Our association with these groups for many years has lended to our professional approach to collecting your accounts.

Skill & Experience

Collecting delinquent accounts is an acquired skill. It takes many hours of training and practice to become an effective telephone collector. Our collectors are seasoned, trained veterans. They understand both the customer and the science of collecting. They will recover your money.


No amount of skill can be effective unless you have the best instruments available. Dependon Collection Service has an in-house computerized collection system. We call it A.C.T. (Advanced Collection Techniques). No other collection system provides you, the client and Dependon, more flexibility. We provide customized reports, give you the status of an individual account or the results of all our collection efforts for you at the touch of a button. The information that is necessary for you to function is available today, not tomorrow or next week. Even more advantageous is the speed and accuracy with which our collectors can work your accounts. Every account, regardless of size, is worked automatically. This ensures you that your accounts are getting worked on properly and frequently, not buried on a disorganized desk. Again, this means more money back to your business.

The bottom line - Results

In todayís world, efficiency cannot be over-emphasized. But efficiency without effectiveness is wasted motion. Thatís why the most important benefit of Dependon Collection Service, Inc. is our combination of skill, technology and professionalism which yields results. Pure and simple, you want dollars collected from the accounts you turn over. Dependon Collection Service, Inc. maintains an unparalleled success record in the collection of accounts. We return more money to your business.

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